Training the Older Adult (TOA) is an online continuing education provider specializing in training the older adult. Robert Linkul, founder of TOA, has been training the older adult for over 15 years. He owns a successful personal training studio in Sacramento, CA and has taken his TOA Method and made it available to other trainers. He has been “training the trainer” across the globe for the past ten years.


TOA offers online continued education for all trainers, including webinars, live events and even a Complete Course certificate program teaching the TOA Method (five movement patterns and 30 exercises essential for training the older adult). By utilizing progressive resistance (combining bands and weights), a simple way of programming, working with limitations (not around them) he empowers trainers all over the world the opportunity to work with any demographic.

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TOA Method | The Complete Course

This is TOA's signature course! It introduces the TOA Method, you'll create your personalized blueprint, learn countless exercises and adaptations using progressive resistance. This is an excellent place to start on your TOA journey!

Through the Trainers Eyes | Anatomy 101

One of the keys to being a successful adaptive trainer is knowing the anatomy of the body. If we know how the body works we can adapt out exercises to allow out clients to workout WITH their limitations. Join Robert as he takes you through the anatomy through a trainers eyes!

Programming For Limitations


Join Robert as he takes you on a journey through the body covering your clients most common limitations and the programming to allow your clients to work WITH their limitations and not AROUND them.

Offered in August


Kick off every year with a new, fresh topic on Training the Older Adult. Each year we rotate a new speaker to join Robert with a LIVE presentation for you!

Learn more about our 2021 clinic.

About TOA

Welcome to Training the Older Adult (TOA). The most important thing a personal trainer can create is a personal training philosophy that is specific to the demands of their demographic.

Here at TOA, we have created a philosophy specific to training the older adult to assist them in establishing and maintaining strength and conditioning standards needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our five pillar component approach to strength training is the foundation for our training philosophy (featured below). We’ve developed a teaching protocol that you can utilize with your older adult clients to assist them in becoming a well-rounded and functionally fit individual capable of performing their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Activities of Daily Living plus (ADL+) and any other fitness goals they may have. 

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Meet Your Educator - Robert Linkul MS NSCA-CPT*D TOA

Robert Linkul is the owner of Be STRONGER Fitness, a personal training studio for older adults in Sacramento, California and an internationally known career development presenter for personal trainers and studio owners. Robert has a bachelors degree in kinesiology, a masters degree in personal training and is an NSCA-CPT*D and CSCS*D since 2007. Linkul is the NSCA's 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner and a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee. His volunteer work with the NSCA spans over the last decade serving as the career development columnist for the NSCA Personal Trainer Quarterly publication, the NSCA's personal trainer special interest group chairman, and in the NSCA State Provincial Director program volunteering as a state director and regional coordinator. Currently, Robert is pursuing the NSCA personal trainer board of directors position in the voting class of 2018. 


Robert's passion for working with older adults started in the 2005 as his hammer throwing career came to an abrupt end due to an injury. With mounting physical limitations, including lower back surgery, lung cancer, thyroid cancer and three hip replacements, Robert found himself connecting with his older populations even more as these physical limitations are more often found with aging clients. In 2017, he started a continued education course utilizing a demographic specific blue print program design called "Training the Older Adult." Robert educates other personal trainers on developing a philosophy for training older adults and creating a blue print for exercise selection, progression and cueing.

TOA Select | A continued education membership

Join this one of a kind continued eduction membership. You will receive the TOA Method exercise library, monthly blueprints and templates, private select group Q & A, discounts and so much more!


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