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Welcome to the TOA (Training The Older Adult) Bunker! The TOA Bunker is a private training studio located in Shingle Springs, California and an online health & fitness program that focuses on training the older adult (50+). Robert Linkul, the owner of the Bunker and of brings 20+ years of experience, a masters degree in personal training, two NSCA certifications (NSCA*D and CSCS*D) and years of rehabilitating his own body from injury like hip replacements, sciatic back surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, lung cancer and more to his clients on a daily basis. 

The second, and better half, of the TOA team is Robert's wife Keagan Linkul. Keagan is the TOA Program Manager and a TOA certified personal trainer as well! Keagan runs our websites, our social media, our marketing and referral programs and ALL the other "behind the scenes" work that keeps the TOA running strong! To put it simply... Keagan is the SHIT!!

"Keagan and I are career fitness professionals, we research the most efficient and effective ways of training our older adult clientele. We train our clients utilizing our proven TOA Method, a "Movement is Life" resistance training method featuring the five components of daily life (see image 1.0). We then customizes each workout based on our clients training outcome (goals) or physical limitations in which they want to overcome. In short, we train our older clients who have injuries and help them get STRONGER!

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If you are interested in scheduling In-Person Semi-Private Training (in studio) & On-Line Via Zoom call Robert Linkul at 916-955-1586 or email at [email protected]


The Bunker is a Strength and Conditioning facility that focuses on training an older demographic of clientele. Our certified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches specialize in training certain sports (powerlifting, skiing, golf, tennis, etc.) and certain demographics of individuals based on their goals or per their physical limitation..


Our trainers and coaches design programs (progressive workouts) for our clients to perform that are specifically focused on improving all 10 areas of physical fitness. This focus is what separates us from other facilities as most gyms focus on only a few. Our application of researched and scientifically proven training philosophies assists our clients in achieving their goals as quickly, safely and appropriately as possible. 

Clients First

The TOA team determines the type of exercise, duration of exercise, frequency of exercise, the tempo in which the exercise is performed and the duration of each bout of exercise for our clientele on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. They also focus on exercise prescription, the type of exercise, total session volume, rest period, frequency, and intensity of each and every workout performed. They prescribe our clients stretching routines, rest and recovery techniques and or other approaches on taking care of their body. Nutrition and medical consultation are not within their scope of practice and training qualifications however, we do have members of our team that do focus in these areas. 

Strength & Conditioning

 We focus on improving a clients 10 components of physical fitness:  

  • Muscular Strength            

  • Muscular Endurance 

  • Cardiovascular Endurance    

  • Coordination  

  • Flexibility 

  • Reaction Time                              

  • Change in Body Composition  

  • Power Production                      

  • Reaction Time

  • Balance                           



The Virtual Bunker includes access to weekly workout (eight/week) for only $100 / month. PLUS you can joining Robert live on virtual training sessions (where available); price varies from $220-$330 / month. In person training is limited, call to inquire. 916-955-1586.

The physical therapist TOA trusts.

Dan is a husband, father, and sports physical therapist with over 10+ years in the profession. Dan is a former collegiate basketball player and is able to use his experiences to connect with and understand the athletic mentality that comes with rehabbing athletes of all ages. 
Dan is a physical therapist by trade but is also a published author, national speaker, and researcher. Dan created and directed Sacramento's first and only Sports Physical Therapy Residency program accredited through the APTA. Dan holds many post-graduate certifications to maximize outcomes for his patients (SCS-Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physcial Therapy through the APTA, CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, USAW-Olympic weight lifting certification, Graston technique certified, SFMA-Selective Functional Movement Assessment certified, FMS-Functional Movement Screen Certified). All of these experiences have helped shape a unique and specific approach to treating athletes of all levels. 
Dan has also been the head physical therapist for Metro Fire Department, Sacramento State Athletics Department and the Sacramento Running Association. Dan founded MAC Performance Physical Therapy after being a co-owner at Results Physical Therapy & Training Center for more than 10 years.

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