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Looking for someone that TRAINS the TOA way; someone that LIVES the TOA way?

Mission Statement: To Develop an All-Inclusive Community of Health & Fitness Enthusiasts Who Collectively Share a Passion for Training an Aging Population and Assist Them in Creating a Place of “Belonging” for Them and Their Communities.

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What does it mean to live and train the TOA way?


  • To have a diehard commitment to continued learning, education is the key to our success
  • To hold a high level of professionalism personally and professionally for the good of our community
  • To follow our dharma (purpose in life) and allow the security of our careers to unfold.
  • To karmatically give and allow our compassion and empathy for others to develop meaningful lifelong relationships.
  • To hold the highest standard of training developed through peer reviewed and proven education.
  • And… to have Fun doing ALL of the above!! All challenges in life can be overcome with a good sense of humor.


Learn how to become a TOA Ambassador!

How to become a TOA Ambassador + Benefits


EmailĀ inquiry to [email protected]

Attach: Proof of completion of TOA Method or TOAĀ Foundations of Programming

Include: What TOA has meant to you, how you implement the TOA way into training and life, your address site and phone number.

Investment: To use the TOA Ambassador logo and be added to our site, $25 one time payment.

Benefits: Listed on our site, searchable to all, use of TOA Ambassador logo.


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