Introducing the TOA Affiliate Program

We are branching out into your gym! The TOA affiliate program gives you access to all TOA CEU courses, weekly programming, mentorship, social media posts, client email template and so much more!

This program is by application only.
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Weekly programming to include ADL, Pure Strength, S&C and HIRT.



Every TOA offering will be included! Including the associated CEUs!



Bi-Monthly group mentoring calls AND bi-monthly PRIVATE  mentoring calls.

Weekly Programming

Need some inspiration or completed workouts to enhance up your programming with you clients? You will receive two ADL, Pure Strength, Strength & Conditioning and H.I.R.T. EACH WEEK!

Holiday Referral Campaigns

Each holiday at TOA we offer a referral workout. Now you and your clients can be apart of it too! We'll send out the workout and the campaign!

What are you waiting for?
Your TOA Affiliate spots awaits.

Send in your application today to become a TOA Affiliate.


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