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NOW OPEN - Eccentric Training for the Older Adult 

LIVE Release 3/23 9 AM PST & Pre-recorded course MARCH 23rd 2024.

With the release of in-depth eccentric training research coming into the industry over the last three years or so, we at TOA have taken full advantage of this great content and put together some amazing programming that has made our clients extremely strong all while reducing their risk of injury. Join us for a in-depth looking into the world of eccentric training for older adults, including our eight (8) week training program and a small exercise library that features our favorite eccentric style training lifts. PLUS!!! - a full chapter on fly wheel training and why Robert LOVES it so freaking much!! 

Live welcome and introduction to the course March 23rd at 9 AM PST.

registration now open

Learn to train the older adult to prevent

"The Big Three!"

The Select Training Method is Specifically designed to prevent:

Osteopenia (1), Sarcopenia (2) and Obesity(3)

  • Gain access to a step-by-step course, a certification specializing in training older adults and those with phsycial limitations.
  • Search through a complete video library of 300+ exercises.
  • Enjoy recorded weekly education sessions. 
  • Add on ready-to-use programming that you can plug in with your current clientele right away.
  • Earn 2.0 NSCA CEUs.

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Help your clients regain their...

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Ability

The Select Training Method

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Welcome to Training the Older Adult (TOA).

The most important thing a personal trainer can create is a personal training philosophy that is specific to the demands of their demographic. 

Here at TOA, we have created a philosophy specific to training the older adult to assist them in establishing and maintaining strength and conditioning standards needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in:

  • Treating every client as they are a former athlete.
  • Functionality and strength go hand in hand.
  • Mobility leads to stability, which leads to ability.

With a simple shift in your mindset and having the goal to make the older population mobile and strong we can combat the major declines of aging. 

What's Included In The Select Training Method Membership...


TOA Signature Certificate

Our five pillar component approach to strength training is the foundation for our training philosophy (featured below). We’ve developed a teaching protocol that you can utilize with your older adult clients to assist them in becoming a well-rounded and functionally fit individual capable of performing their Daily Life Functions (DLF),  Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Strength & Conditioning (S&C) and any other fitness goals they may have. 

  • Hinge/Squat
  • Row/Pull
  • Split Stance 
  • Over Head Actions 
  • Loaded Carries 

TOA Exercise Library

Each month Robert updates the video libraries featured in the TOA Program Design. New exercises (library one) and mobiilites (library two) are updated and/or added to often. Each exercise or mobility clip is a short educational video packed with technical information on the how to perform each movement, how to modify if a physical limitation exists and any specific cues and/or areas of focus. Special areas of focus inside the exercise libraries also included video instruction on:

  • Fall Prevention 
  • Stability & Balance 
  • Coordination 
  • Power Development
  • Cognitive Development 
  • Dynamic Movement Patterns 

You’ll be able to implement these movements that day!


Stay Connected Monthly

Each month Robert will upload a new 60-minute education video. These can include:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Movement and Progression Breakdown
  • Anatomy and Hot Topics

You’ll leave these sessions fired up and ready to implement new ideas!


Monthly Road Map for Your Programming.

For many, you've got a ton of ideas and exercises in your tool belt. You just need a way to out them together. Our blueprints offers:

  • Rep & Set Counts
  • Movement Pattern Selection
  • Weekly breakdown of programming.

This is a great place to get creative. Visit the Exercise Library to fill in your movements!

This Membership Is For You If...

  • You train the older population or those with physical limitations.
  • You are looking to train your clients for continued movement and function.
  • You believe everyone should continue to improve and not be restricted by their limitations. 
  • You train your clients for full movement not restricted to selectorized machines.
  • You are looking to continue your education and grow your skills and business.

I'm Robert Linkul

Robert Linkul is the owner of the TOA Bunker and TrainingTheOlderAdult.com, a personal training studio for older adults in Shingle Springs, California and is an internationally known career development presenter for personal trainers and studio owners. Robert has a bachelors degree in kinesiology, a masters degree in personal training and is an NSCA-CPT*D and CSCS*D since 2007. Linkul is the NSCA's 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner, a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee and is the current NSCA Personal Trainer Board of Directors seat holder.  


Robert's passion for working with older adults started with mounting physical limitations, including lower back surgery, lung cancer, thyroid cancer and three hip replacements. Robert found himself connecting with his older populations even more as these physical limitations are more often found with aging clients. After years of research and personal development TOA was born and we are super excited to have you join us! 

"Robert, your TOA platform has given me what I've been searching for the last eight years. I made a midlife career change back in 2012 after a health transformation."

- Pamela M.

"He has the great ability to take complex subjects and make them accessible and entertaining. His warmth and genuine caring come through in each session."

- Chris M.

"I have gained confidence, knowledge and you have lit a fire inside of me to help people move in the way we have been designed to move as human beings."

- Avery V.

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