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$79 per month of education, no CEUs. Year long commitment.

$99 per month of education with CEUs. Year long commitment.

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Continued education on demand. TOA is bringing you a complete TOA Exercise Library (dripped out throughout the year), exclusive monthly events  mobility menus, templates, discounts, LIVE Q&A and SO MUCH MORE!

Join the TOA Select Community!
Join the Select Community with CEUs!

What's Included?

Each month you will receive everything you need to program a new month of workouts for your clients, continue your education and learn the TOA Method.

  • Access to the TOA Exercise Library: A complete library of the TOA Method exercises. See below for details.
  • Weekly 35 min education sessions, check out the year long schedule here!
  • Monthly Four Week Blueprint: Each month Robert will release a new four week blueprint for you to follow or inspire you!
  • Monthly Mobility Menu: This monthly menu will be filled with the perfect primers for your clients.
  • 20% Discounts on all signature courses: You will get 20% off The Complete Course, Through the Trainers Eyes: Anatomy 101, Programming for Limitations and TOA LIVE + anything that we add! 
  • 2.0 / 20 NSCA Approved CEUs. These are accepted by any accredited organization through  simple petition process.
  • 12 month commitment. Cancel any time after 12 months.

TOA Exercise Library

Each month Robert will release at least eight new exercise videos featured in the TOA Blueprint Program Design (see below) and more! These will be quick and packed with technical information on the how to's for each movement. 

  • Hinges
  • Rows
  • Loaded Transfer, Carries & Drags
  • Split Stance Movements
  • Over Head Actions
  • Pivot Point/Landmine Leverage
  • Fall Prevention & Balance Movements
  • Power Based & Dynamic Movements

"I came away with so many new tools, a deeper understanding of the Blueprint and how to implement it."  -Anna S



Robert Linkul is the owner of the Be STRONGER Fitness Bunker, LLC a personal training studio for older adults in Shingle Springs, California and an international know older adult presenter for personal trainers and studio owners.

‚ÄčRobert has a bachelors degree in kinesiology, a masters degree in personal training and is a NSCA CPT*D and CSCS*D. Linkul is the NSCA 's 2012 Personal Trainer of The Year award winner, a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee. Robert is the creator and owner of the "TOA Method - Proper Resistance Training for the Older Adult," an online CEU webinar series designed to teach trainers all over the world how to properly coach, cue and progress older adults and those with physical limitations. 


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This CEU membership is like no other, offering you a complete package to growing as a professional. Join today to kick off your CEU journey.

Join the community today!
Join the community today with CEUs!

Todd Z.

"Roberts has provided me with both a framework and specific tools to be a more effective trainer, particularly when it comes to working with older adults. Under his tutelage, I have been able to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and grow my training business. I do not believe there is anyone else in the field doing what Robert does on the level he is doing it. He over-delivers".

Shannon R.

TOA Select has been one of the best investments in my personal training career since I began in 2018. I have been following Robert and TOA since I made the decision to start working with older adults. I have subscribed to him on various social media channels and I always learn something new. I struggle with program design and progressions and it's finally starting to come together. Learning about and implementing various tools and techniques such as band additions, Angles 90 grips has been game changing for many of my clients! I highly recommend following Robert or registering for his courses regardless of the age group you train. 



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