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January 8th & 9th, 2021  | SACRAMENTO CA

Arthritis is the number one cause of musculoskeletal disability in the world. Arthritis is one of the direct and unrecognized causes of decreased activity, increased fall risk, and underlies both physical and cognitive decline in older adults. Over 7.2 million Americans are living with hip and/or knee joint replacements secondary to arthritic joint changes and this doesn’t account for the millions more undergoing orthopedic surgery every single year for arthritis related symptoms. However, the great news is if you understand and more importantly, positively impact the underlying causes of osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis,  you can provide your clients with a posture and movement-based solution to this modern-day epidemic.


In this 12-hour intensive, Dr. Evan Osar – developer of the Integrative Movement System™ – and Robert Linkul – creator of Training the Older Adult – have teamed up to bring you the industry’s very first joint-by-joint blueprint for assessing and addressing the underlying cause of osteoarthritis; an individual’s posture and movement habits. Additionally, you will discover exactly how to address using the most appropriate corrective exercises. You’ll confidently be able to adapt and progress your client regardless of what level they are at and what their functional goals are. You’ll leave this session with a blueprint for addressing each of the major joints in the body as well as the tools, techniques, and strategies to develop yourself into an arthritis training specialist.

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Session #1: Is a Pre-recorded Episode Staring Dr. Evan Osar & Robert Linkul and Will Be Emailed to YOU on January 1st. Please review this session prior to attending TOA LIVE on January 8th & 9th.  

  • Session One (recorded session sent to you one week prior to the LIVE event) includes:
    • Overview of The Arthritic Training Solution 2.0 Philosophy (Evan & Robert)
    • Movement Observation & Assessment (Evan & Robert)
    • Degenerative Joint Process™ (Evan)
    • Program Design Blueprint & Waffle™ (Robert)

LIVE Friday - January 8th (all times PST)

  • 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm: The Arthritic Pelvis, Hip and Spine: Biomechanics, Assessments, and Correctives with Evan (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm: The Arthritic Pelvis, Hip and Spine: Resistance Training with Robert (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm: The Arthritic Knee, Ankle and Foot ~ Mechanics, Assessment, and Correctives with Evan (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm: The Arthritic Knee, Ankle and Foot ~ Resistance Training with Robert (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm: Online Training Options: Short Strength & Short Metabolic Workouts for Clients with Arthritic limitations with Robert (Learn-by-participation)   ~ You will need super bands & a door anchor.

LIVE Saturday - January 9th (all times PST)

  • 7:00 am - 7:50 am: The Arthritic Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand ~ Mechanics, Assessment, and Correctives with Evan (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 8:00 am - 8:50 am: The Arthritic Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand ~ Resistance Training with Robert (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 9:00 am - 9:50 am: Progressing to Over Head ~ 10 Exercise Progression to Get Your Arthritic Clients to Over Head ~ with Robert (lecture, learn-by-demo)
  • 10:00 am - 10:50 am: Rotation Training for the Older Adult ~ with Evan (learn-by-participation)
  • 11:00 am - 11:50 am: Virtual Assessment and Corrective Exercise Strategy / Developing Yourself into an Online Arthritis Training Specialist with Evan (learn-by-participation)
  • 11:50 am - 12:30 pm: Q&A with the Group - YOU ALL ROCK!!
  • Thank You for Attending!! See You in October 2021 for TOA LIVE III

"I came away with so many new tools, a deeper understanding of the Blueprint and how to implement it."  -Anna S



Robert Linkul is the owner of the Be STRONGER Fitness Bunker, LLC a personal training studio for older adults in Shingle Springs, California and an international know older adult presenter for personal trainers and studio owners.

‚ÄčRobert has a bachelors degree in kinesiology, a masters degree in personal training and is a NSCA CPT*D and CSCS*D. Linkul is the NSCA 's 2012 Personal Trainer of The Year award winner, a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee. Robert is the creator and owner of the "TOA Method - Proper Resistance Training for the Older Adult," an online CEU webinar series designed to teach trainers all over the world how to properly coach, cue and progress older adults and those with physical limitations. 


Dr. Evan Osar


Audiences around the world have heard Dr. Osar’s dynamic presentations. Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on assessment, corrective exercise, and functional movement. 

He has authored Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction, Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core, and Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Psoas Solution. 

Dr. Osar developed the Integrative Movement System™, an evidence-based approach to improving clinical outcomes and helping clients perform at their highest level. Dr. Osar is in private practice in Chicago, IL and teaches his proprietary approach to health and fitness professionals that specialize in assessment, corrective exercise, functional movement, manual therapy, regenerative medicine, and medical fitness.

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