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October  9  |  V I R T U A L


This year's TOA Live is TED Talk style. We are bringing you 12 of the most educated, well-known, brilliant experts in our industry to deliver you top-notch education. With names like Dan John, Pete McCall, Lindsay Vastola and so many more you will leave with new knowledge ready to implement with your clientele... check out below for the complete star studded list!

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ALL Sessions are LIVE Streaming & On-Demand 

Sessions start at 7:45 am PST and run until 5:30 pm PST. This is a TED Talk style conference, quick and to the point. You'll be getting access to world renown educators all day long. Each presentation will end in a quick Q&A session. **We need to see that you attended to receive CEUs**



Meet the Presenters

Robert Linkul - 8 am PST "Get Off Your Cane/Walker: Three Exercises to Improve Walking Disability "

Evan Osar - 8:45 am PST "Breath Training: Progressions for Posture, Walking, and Performance"

Lindsay Vastola - 9:30 am PST

Ryan Glatt - 10:15 am PST

Dan John - 11 am PST "Fitness Across a Lifetime"

Dianne Bailey - 12 pm PST

Dan Richie - 12:45 pm PST

Christian Thompson - 1:30 pm PST "Balance Training Is For Everybody: 5 Essential Exercises for 5 Levels of Function"

Dan MacLean - 2:15 pm PST "Improving Client Success: The Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Relationship"

Shannon Fable - 3 pm PST "Time By Design"

Rick Howard - 3:45 pm PST "Seven Strategies for Training the Aging Body"

Pete McCall - 4:45 pm PST "Ageless Intensity"

"I came away with so many new tools, a deeper understanding of the Blueprint and how to implement it."  -Anna S

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