Training the Older Adult

A Year long Webinar Series with 24 webinars!

Our TOA (Training The Older Adult) webinar series lasting all year long! This series is taught by Robert Linkul and will cover a wide range of topics that will be applicable right away to your clientele. NSCA CEU APPROVED. All recordings will be available no matter when you purchase! $330. 



Hands On |Eight Progressive Resistance Band Exercises for TOA

Lecture | Hip Replacement Experience and How It Affects my Training


Hands On | Inertia Waves and Rope Pulling for TOA

Lecture | Programming "Volumes" For Presses and Raises


Hands On | Vertical Hinge Progressions for TOA

Lecture | Fitness Testing For Presses and Raises


Hands On | Eight Mobility Menu Exercises for TOA

Lecture | The Timmerman Approach


Hands On |Eight Sandbag Exercises for TOA

Lecture | Uni-Lateral Vs. Bi-Lateral Training For TOA


Hands On | Eight Split Stance Progression Exercises for TOA

Lecture | The Sliding Scale For Exercise Selection For TOA


Hands On | Sled and Prowler Training For TOA

Lecture | Programming "Volumes" For Hinges


Hands On | Eight Release Drills For TOA

Lecture |Mobility Menus and Development


Hands On | Eight Complexes For TOA

Lecture | Programming Load For Rows


Hands On | Eight Three Step Series Exercises For TOA

Lecture | Low Back Surgery and How It Affects My Training


Hands On | Eight Balance and Stability Exercises For TOA

Lecture | Fall Prevention Modality Training For TOA


Hands On | Eight Agility Exercises For TOA

Lecture | Five Pillars of Strength Training


Fall Prevention Class

A three part series: March 13th, July 17th, November 17th

​Join us at Be STRONGER Fitness for a three part fall prevention class in 2019. We are taking the class from last year and adding a wealth of information to make it a complete course.


Falls result in 87% of all fractures in the older population, many of which dont recover. We'd like to take the time to address why people fall, how to recover from a fall and most important, how to prevent falling.


Robert has been working on and implementing a program design that addresses these major issues; setting his clients up for success. However, there is so much more that can be done outside the gym. 

Join us on March 13, July 17, and November 13 for this three part class that is sure to improve your quality of life.


This educational course will include powerpoint as well as hands on/live demo as Roberts educates you on the world  of fall prevention.

This course is both for practitioner and participant. 

When: Wednesday March 13th at 11 am PST {Class 1 of 3}

Where: Be STRONGER Fitness & Online

Cost $75 ($25 per class)

(Optional Mini Band for sale to use with class $15)

Register for the LIVE three part series HERE

Registration for the webinar three part series HERE




2019 LIVE was such  success it will be coming back in 2020!


Join Dr. Evan Osar and Robert Linkul for a two day all in-depth look into Training the Older Adult. Robert will be teaching his


Dr. Osar will be teaching


Join us LIVE at Be STRONGER Fitness in Sacramento, CA for a full two days of awesome education, networking and LIVE hands-on experience learning the programs, exercises and strategies you need to successfully Train the Older Adult!!


Registration will open in August 2020! Space is limited so stay tuned for updates.

October 9th & 10th, 2020

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