Welcome to Training the Older Adult (TOA). The most important thing a personal trainer can create is a personal training philosophy that is specific to the demands of their demographic. Here at TOA, we have created a philosophy specific to training the older adult to assist them in establishing and maintaining strength and conditioning standards needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Our six pillar component approach to strength training is the foundation for our training philosophy (featured below). We’ve developed a teaching protocol that you can utilize with your older adult clients to assist them in becoming a well-rounded and functionally fit individual capable of performing their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Activities of Daily Living plus (ADL+) and any other fitness goals they may have. 

 Nick Tumminello | Performance University

 Lou Schuler | Author

 Lindsay Vastola | Editor PFP Magazine

"The contributions Robert Linkul has made to professional fitness training field are invaluable. He has a talent and passion for providing simple, practical and proven solutions for helping trainers progress and succeed in their careers. Our field is better off having Robert Linkul in it, and any trainer will be better off learning from him.

"Robert Linkul is the youngest old person I know. Or the oldest young person. Either way, he’s experienced enough adversity to understand what it’s like to have a young mind and an aging body, to want to do things the muscles and joints no longer allow. He’s learned the hard way how to create challenging, effective workouts without exacerbating existing aches and pains, or creating new ones." 

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Robert as both the editor of the industry trade publication (PFP) for which he has contributed several valuable articles and as a colleague and friend. He is a model representative of the values and work ethic we should be expecting of the industry, and has a keen understanding of how to create a lifelong, meaningful career as a fitness professional. I am confident he will continue to play an unparalleled role in setting a higher bar for the fitness industry."

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