TOA Method | Foundations of Programming

This is where it all starts. At the foundation of the TOA Method are five components, encompassing 100+ exercises. The TOA Method | The Foundations of Programming is where you not only learn those movements, but learn the blueprint that makes programming the Method way super simple!

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In Our TOA Method: Foundations of Programming Course You Will Learn...

  • All the TOA strategies to creating excellent program designs for older adults.
  • All the programming techniques we use at TOA to progress our older adult clients towards their goals.
  • Over 100 exercises, progressions and cues that we use with our older adult clients to elevate their abilities, work with their physical limitations and improve their quality of life.  

This all starts with the initial interview and consultation sit down (strategy session) with your client in which you review all their paperwork, collect their health history, learn about their limitations and goals and then assess them using our "movement observation" techniques.

With data collected, we then teach you how to interpret those results and build a three month program design. This program includes correctives, mobilities, strength training lifts, high intensity resistance training techniques, metabolic conditioning, cool downs and more. Robert takes you through each of the five training components, two movement methodologies and features multiple training modalities all geared towards the older adult client. 

This is a packed course people!! You will leave knowing how to implement the TOA Method, 100%, no questions asked, guaranteed!

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Course starts April 20th. 

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What people are saying....

Avery V.

"Everything you went through and taught us was phenomenal. You have a way with words and everything you talked about and showed us made perfect sense to me and made it so easy to start implementing into my programming."

Chris M.

"Good educators have mastery of the subject matter and know how to present it in an engaging manner. Great educators add caring to the equation. Theodore Roosevelt said that “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Robert is a GREAT educator."

Oliver K.

" -- it was one of the best courses I’ve done, so thank you! It has really inspired me to specialize more in older adults, but more specifically movement and strength, rather than being a little more general as I have always been."

Foundations of Programming Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to the TOA Method
  2. Strategy Session, Paperwork & Movement Observation
  3. Movement Observation Date & Library
  4. Mini-Macrocycle & Daily Training Waffle
  5. Mobility Menu & Personal Primers (part 1)
  6. Mobility Menu & Personal Primers (Part 2)
  7. Strength 1st Component #1 Hinges
  8. Strength 1st Component #2 Rows
  9. Strength 1st Component #3 Split Stance
  10. Strength 1st Component #4 Over Head Actions
  11. Strength 1st Component #5 Proper Transfers (Pick ups and Loaded Carries)
  12. MetCon: High Intensity Resistance Training Program Design (Part 1)
  13. MetCon: High Intensity Resistance Training Program Design (Part 2)
  14. Modality #1 & #2: Power & Pivot Points


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