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Here you will find all of our CEU opportunities offered through TOA. Always NSCA CEU approved.

Signature Courses

Power & Stability

Seventy percent of those 70 years and older will die from a fall if it occurs. A big part of not falling down is being able to move quickly. Quick movement is developed through power training and our TOA Power & Stability workshop will teach eight dynamic power-based movements and eight stability-based movements revolving around the dual tension technique of loading lifts. Stable and powerful individuals walk, run and move worry free and have a greater likelihood of staying upright and injury free.

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Advanced Program Design 

Its time to learn about program design components beyond the basics of linear programing. Lets dive deep into creating “styles” of selecting volumes, ordering exercises and undulating loads to truly challenge our clients and maximize their ability to break through plateaus and get Strong…Really Strong! Lets chase the pump baby!!

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The Total Hip

Training the hip pre hip issues, during the onset, through hip replacement and beyond.

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TOA Foundations

As Fitness Professionals, the greatest threat to our community of clients is weakness. Sarcopenia effects up to 45% of the US populations and is directly related to arthritis, osteoporosis, fall risks and an overall decrease in quality of life. How can we help keep our clients from becoming a statistic? There are Five Foundational movement patterns that Older Adults need to train to truly improve their daily life function and their overall quality of life. Welcome to TOA’s Five Foundations Workshop!!

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TOA Certificate Courses


Online Training the Older Adult

Online training is here to stay. However, our industry is missing an online training component specific to older adult. Search no more, O-TOA is here. From a movement observation to an eight week training program and more, we cover it all. 

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TOA Method: The Complete Course

This is the COMPLETE course! It takes you through your philosophy, the TOA blueprint and how to make it your TOA Blueprint. We take you step by step on how to implement the TOA Method!

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Live TOA Events


Kick off the year right with a bit of TOA education. Either online or LIVE in person! 

2021 Theme: The Arthritis Solution


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TOA is all about the Older Adult.


Robert Linkul has spent over 15 years developing his #TOAMethod. A method of training the older adult like no other before. We include weights (heavy weights), bands and five key movements.






With this method, it is not our stance to TELL you what to do; but, rather give you the tools to implement your OWN TRAINING PHILOSOPHY within the TOA Method format. All of our courses are geared with this in mind and we cannot wait to share this system with you!

TOA Select | A Continued Education Membership

Join this one of a kind continued eduction membership. You will receive the TOA Method exercise library, monthly blueprints and templates, private select group Q & A, discounts and so much more!

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