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Here you will find all of our CEU opportunities offered through TOA. Always NSCA CEU approved.

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TOA Certificate Courses


Online Training the Older Adult

Online training is here to stay. However, our industry is missing an online training component specific to older adult. Search no more, O-TOA is here. From a movement observation to an eight week training program and more, we cover it all. 

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TOA Method: Foundations of Programming


This foundational course is where your TOA Method journey begins. In seven weeks, you'll cover the initial consultation, movement observations, all TOA components and modalities as well as the foundational TOA exercises. 


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TOA is all about the Older Adult.


Robert Linkul has spent over 15 years developing his #TOAMethod. A method of training the older adult like no other before. We include weights (heavy weights), bands and five key movements.






With this method, it is not our stance to TELL you what to do; but, rather give you the tools to implement your OWN TRAINING PHILOSOPHY within the TOA Method format. All of our courses are geared with this in mind and we cannot wait to share this system with you!

TOA Continued Education Opportunities

Created for the trainer by the trainer. Always NSCA CEU Approved.

Secrets to Success

December 1st & 8th 12:00 - 1:15pm PST

$49 USD

Join Robert as he shares with you his secrets to success over the 22 years of his professional career. Topics will range from proper lifting mechanics to proper business practice, how to develop decade loyal clients who support you and everything you do to managing your business through the struggles and success of the last 18+ months. No topic will be off limits, we will jump around bit and discuss many different facets of the fitness industry. Join Robert for two 75 minute sessions as he walks you through the systematic secrets that TOA has implemented over the years to build two thriving and successful businesses, one in-studio on the floor with clients and the other online as a continued education provider and affiliate headquarters.

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Previously Recorded

TOA Talks - Live 2021

October 9, 2021 NSCA CEU Approved. Always Recorded.


Bringing you 12 elite experts in this TED Talk style conference. Check out the line up now!

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Hip & Back ~ DEEP DIVE

July 28 - August 25      8.0 CEUs Pending

The most common limitation of our clients (and most in the older demographic) is back pain. Did you know that a lot of back pain stems from the hips and an imbalance or weakness there?

This workshop will take a deep look into the back and hip structure, how they are connected and how we can go about training those with pain or limitations increasing strength and function. This includes his favorite corrective and active release exercises, his favorite strength and stabilizing lifts and how to incorporate them into a functional training session.


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Mastering the Bells

Started May 4th. Always recorded. Always NSCA CEU approved.

$299 USD

Over our three weeks and six sessions together, Robert will be sharing with you over 100 exercises utilizing these two implements.

You will have the chance to learn about each lift, practice each lift and then master each lift in a few of the full body workouts Robert is going to lead you through. 

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TOA Select | A Continued Education Membership

Join this one of a kind continued eduction membership. You will receive the TOA Method exercise library, monthly blueprints and templates, private select group Q & A, discounts and so much more!

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